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JBL defends Goldberg and the Undertaker following WWE Super ShowDown

Goldberg The Undertaker WWE Super ShowDown

  • CC

    I agree with JBL that neither of these guys “NEED the money”, but they still did it for “the money”, not for the love of the business.

    The match itself was a mess for two reasons. Firstly the concussion that Goldberg had either before the show or at the start, depending on the stories you read, completely screwed the whole thing up.
    But with a guy like Goldberg who is not exactly known as a great wrestler anyway, and an Undertaker who is well past his prime and not really in any shape to work with a guy like Goldberg, it was always gonna be a recipe for disaster.

    Taker is one of my favourite wrestlers ever, and even I would say his performance in this was dreadful.
    I would say the blame would be a 60/40 split for responsibility as without Goldbergs concussion it might have been a little better. Just not much better.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    “I saw fans blaming age and ego for these guys competing. I know both and both don’t need the money-they do this because they love it. “

    And most importantly that big fat Saudi Arabia pay check, considering the moral and the mood backstage most people didn’t even want to go

  • Soulshroude

    It wasn’t age, or ego. It was clearly a botched match from both ends… the dudes were rusty as all get out. Blame it on being rusty, and not wrestling for a year. Period. No more excuses, and no more standing up for seasoned veterans of wrestling. Let them stand up for themselves, they’re not children.

    They screwed up and admitted to it, they already fought about it verbally backstage. Let it go.