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JBL says Roman Reigns is the future of WWE

Former WWE Champion and current SmackDown Live commentator JBL recently appeared on an episode of Bring It To The Table. You can check out the highlights here:

On the Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman rivalry:

“Listen, I think absolutely it takes two to tango. Roman Reigns definitely helped and forced Braun Strowman to step up his game and what they created was magic. This is one of my favorite rivalries going right now in some time.”

On Roman Reigns:

“Roman Reigns has good match, after good match, after good match. I mean, the guy is the future of this company. And people who want to hate him, please continue to do it. It certainly is your right, but you’re hating him for the wrong reason. This guy goes out and puts out quality after quality [match] every single night.”

On Titus O’Neil’s new role as a manager:

“Look, the guy looks like a million freaking dollars. He looks like a hall of fame athlete, which he is a world class athlete, but who in the world is he going to manage that he’s not going to dwarf?” JBL said, “Titus O’Neil is too big to be a manager because he dwarfs everybody because when you look at Titus O’Neil, you go, ‘wait a minute! I don’t want to see that guy! I want to see the guy who looks like a million freaking dollars in a suit! That’s who I want to see.'”

(quotes via Wrestling Inc.)

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think many of JBL haters still see him as a asshole. Just look on the internet alone. For mean if JBL were getting no heat that would be bad.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe the rival between Strowman vs Regin has been good for both guys. It going to get even bigger when Strowman returns.

  • CC

    But my point still stands that that is why he worked as a main eventer and Reigns isn’t.
    If you look at the likes of Jericho, Austin, Rock, Michaels and even Cena, their in ring characters are just extensions of themselves. You watch them in interviews etc, and they are pretty much the same.
    Reigns really does not have any real defining personality, and that comes across in his promos.
    Even as a face as part of the APA, that was just one part of Bradshaws real personality coming out.

    Very few wrestlers with minimal charisma get over. The likes of Bret Hart and Chris Benoit may not have been big talkers, or particularly funny etc, but they had an intensity that gave them a degree of charisma.

  • pitfallharry219

    It came natural to him because his character was an asshole.

  • MrDr3w

    I think it has more to do with longevity and growth. But I wouldn’t say he’s exactly there yet, where you could look at him and think, “That guy’s gonna be special someday.” He has all the necessary tools to be big. Great look, solid in-ring work, he’s great with the kids, tremendous pedigree, his mic skills need work but that’s totally fixable two or three years down the road. As long as he continues to grow, stays out of trouble, and stays away from any serious injury, I believe he could very well be the future.

  • CC

    Oh, and JBL was a solid worker in the ring (not amazing), but what got him over was his natural charisma. Love or hate the real JBL, his promo’s and feuds were fantastic entertainment.

  • CC

    Reigns has put on some good matches, but is that due to him or his opponents as he has had some proper stinkers as well.
    The guy has the look but he has zero charisma inside and outside the ring.
    Plus, saying people are hating for the wrong reason because he puts on good matches is ridiculous. There are people on the roster who put on matches 1000% better than Reigns and do not get the push he does, that is what people hate. The pushing of someone who is only getting it because of what he looks like, and ignoring the guys who can actually put on 5 star matches every time they step in the ring.