JBL says Roman Reigns is the future of WWE

Former WWE Champion and current SmackDown Live commentator JBL recently appeared on an episode of Bring It To The Table. You can check out the highlights here:



On the Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman rivalry:

“Listen, I think absolutely it takes two to tango. Roman Reigns definitely helped and forced Braun Strowman to step up his game and what they created was magic. This is one of my favorite rivalries going right now in some time.”

On Roman Reigns:

“Roman Reigns has good match, after good match, after good match. I mean, the guy is the future of this company. And people who want to hate him, please continue to do it. It certainly is your right, but you’re hating him for the wrong reason. This guy goes out and puts out quality after quality [match] every single night.”

On Titus O’Neil’s new role as a manager:

“Look, the guy looks like a million freaking dollars. He looks like a hall of fame athlete, which he is a world class athlete, but who in the world is he going to manage that he’s not going to dwarf?” JBL said, “Titus O’Neil is too big to be a manager because he dwarfs everybody because when you look at Titus O’Neil, you go, ‘wait a minute! I don’t want to see that guy! I want to see the guy who looks like a million freaking dollars in a suit! That’s who I want to see.'”

(quotes via Wrestling Inc.)

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