JBL Speaks Out About WWE’s New Top 50 Villains In History List

– William Regal isn’t the only wrestler speaking out about WWE’s new list of top 50 villains in pro wrestling history. Former WWE Champion JBL has a new blog up about the listing. He wrote:



“I have to say the top 50 greatest heel list by WWE is pretty far off. Forget JBL, I’m too biased to comment on myself, after all who else has had to have a police escort out of a town like I had in El Paso in 2004? That is real heat-and has any heel had any heat like that where folks were actually wanting to kill you since then, but I digress.

The biggest problem I have is with Gorgeous George being #9. I believe he was the greatest heel of all time, he inspired Muhammad Ali and James Brown-this was the guy who set the bar.

Nothing against my pal Hot Rod, I think Roddy was greatest heel of modern era. It is hard to compare eras, so how do you compare Hot Rod to the ‘Toast of the Coast’ The “Sensation of the Nation” the ‘Gorgeous One’. It’s impossible. So any list is arbitrary.

However, putting Gorgeous George #9 is insane. The 4 Horsemen were the greatest faction of all time, you have to have them at the top. There are so many great heels, omitting Bruiser Brody though? Really? Or Stan Hansen? Or William Regal?

Hollywood Hulk Hogan? Give me a break. Hogan was in the top 3 of biggest draws of all time, perhaps the biggest-depends on how you define the Stone Cold era. However, a heel? He wasnt a real heel he was a character. Greatest storyline of all time was the NWO and biggest match of all time was him versus Andre (that was ALL him, and he should get credit for that), but he was never a proper heel-he was still the Hulk, big difference.

Only two heels in the last 20 years needed police escorts out of towns, me and Sgt Slaughter. No one else.

Before that there were many. Hot Rod had heat like a nuclear bomb, he could be greatest heel ever-if the Gorgeous One isn’t and that is a close race.

In the 70s and 80s there were great heels and too many to mention here. Dick Murdoch, my first tag partner, was one of best heels of all time. To put some of these guys on the list and not Captain Redneck? Come on!

Any list is hard to justify, but I gotta say while this one has most of the top 50 in place I would argue the placing itself.”

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