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JBL threatens Cody Rhodes on Twitter, explains comments

JBL would celebrate his birthday by going on a drunken tirade on Twitter. His target was Cody Rhodes. He would initially talk about football and Dallas Cowboys. But he would then tweet ”I’m retired. But Cody Rhodes couldn’t beat me if he tied me to a tree. Neither could his dad.”

He then went on threatening to beat up Rhodes. This was very random and naturally, Cody didn’t expect this either.

Cody on seeing JBL’s tweets would tweet “I’m thinking JBL had a few drinks tonight…” 

Later on, after he was sober, he would explain his himself. But it turned out to be only explaining why he drank so much last night. He said he had no intention of “killing” Cody Rhodes, and it was all in good fun.

While he makes sense, it’s hard to understand why the subject suddenly changed to Cody Rhodes instead of it being on the Cowboys’ win.

  • Vor

    The guy who got knocked out by little Joey Styles…

  • CC

    People getting all bent out of shape about this make me laugh. They do not know the relationship he has with Cody, and I bet everyone has said they are gonna kill their friends or family at some point in jest.
    Something over nothing.

  • JBL for Hall of Fame 2019!

  • Rinn13

    JBL has always been a tool. And screw the Cowboys.

  • oppa

    Drunken words are sober thoughts. Just saying.