Jeff Hardy Allegedly Used Drugs With Two WWE Stars

AEW star Matt Hardy recently talked about addiction and mental health, including the recent issues with his brother Jeff Hardy on this week’s “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast. Jeff Hardy was recently arrested for DUI. He has had a history of DUI arrests and his struggles with drugs and alcohol. This matter has been well documented over the years and the nightmare is not over for him. Fans had hoped that he cleaned up, but that is seemingly not the case.



The AEW star was arrested and hit for having a BAC of .294 during his recent arrest. A court date was set up for June 14th after he posted bail on June 13th. As per the reports, Jeff Hardy’s appearance in court has been cancelled. 1st Coast Bail Bonds & Surety handled his $3,500 bond. It turns out his family has been dragged to the matter as well.

Matt Hardy reveals how he started abusing drugs

Matt recalled the time when Jeff tried out drugs while traveling with two of his companions. Matt said that he was away from him and Jeff ended up using drugs before getting released in 2003. He said he traveled with two stars who had issues. He said:

“Once we got into wrestling back in the day, there were times where stuff was kind of thrown on us and we were still really good. We were resilient about things as far as being out of control until we split. That was the first time there were ever really any chemical dependency issues. That’s when Jeff was away from me. He was on the RAW show and he was traveling with two guys who were pretty well known for using recreational drugs at that time. That is when Jeff first got bad and he ended up being released in 2003.”

He then went on to speak about Jeff’s mental health:

“I feel like some of Jeff’s issues probably come from our mother dying when he was so, so young. That was always an issue that he carried with him deeply. I know 100%, the biggest thing that drives me to stay healthy and not have an addiction issue at all, because I’m sure I have an addictive personality, but the thing that keeps me running and stronger than anything else is my family, my children, specifically. I mean, my wife as well. She would whip my ass as everyone knows. Any kind of chemical addiction that I might have, or would have, all that has been traded in for the addiction of my children. That is a real thing that I love. I think about them growing up and I want to cry. There’s a finite amount of time that I’m going to be able to spend with them so I try to maximize and I want to optimize each and every moment I have with them.”

Jeff Hardy was booked to team up with Matt Hardy and compete in a ladder match with The Young Bucks and The Jurassic Express in a Ladder Match for the AEW Tag-Team Championships. However, they were pulled from the match.

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