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Jeff Hardy arrested for public intoxication

Former WWE tag-team champion Jeff Hardy was arrested in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina over the weekend on the grounds of being intoxicated in public as per TMZ.

The high-flyer was then released on a bond that cost less than $200. Hardy was arrested during Saturday morning over the charges of public intoxication and impairment.

Hardy is currently out due to a knee injury which will keep him out of action for a while at least. Check out Jeff Hardy’s mugshot below:

Here is what the WWE had to comment regarding Jeff Hardy’s actions. The released a statement which said:

“Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

Moreover, according to PWInsider, the wrestler has a date set for a hearing on July 22 but he won’t have to appear if he doesn’t wish to contest the charge.


  • CC

    Jeff Hardy “Now I have kids I am a much better person and no longer give into my demons”

    Police “Just blow into this machine .. and put your pants back on”

  • ROB-1.

    Being drunk is nothing new for Jeff.

  • Will Henderson

    um, Myrtle Beach is not in California, it’s in South Carolina,

  • Dirt McGirt


  • Dirt McGirt

    Hahahaha! What an effing loser. He should have been sent to prison for ten years when they caught him dealing.

  • BB

    “Vintage Jeff Hardy!”

  • Omar

    Not again. I thought he was past this. I guess not.