Jeff Hardy Beat Up By WWE Hall of Famer

Jeff Hardy will always remain one of the most loved and talented pro wrestlers in the history of the business.  He has competed in numerous promotions throughout his career, including the likes of WWE ROH and TNA Wrestling. Fans are certainly well aware of his history of substance abuse issues and the personal demons he had to face. Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut tease was also revealed. 



He is also part of The Hardy Boyz alongside his brother Matt Hardy. The two are currently in different pro wrestling companies but that does not mean they will not be working together again in the future. Jeff Hardy won the WWE Championship after defeating Triple H and Edge in a triple threat match at Armageddon 2008.

Jeff Hardy recently spoke on his brother Matt Hardy’s Twitch stream, where Jeff Hardy talked about his release from the company in an amusing way as he joked about it. Hardy said that wants to team up with Matt Hardy in an Ultimate Deletion, which would likely be in AEW. In addition to that, he was listening to “Release Me” by Wilson Phillips on the stream.

Matt Hardy recently spoke on his new podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, where he revealed that Jeff Hardy wanted to quit WWE after Scott Hall viciously beat him up during a match in May 1994.

“They put together this match in 5 or 10 minutes and Scott Hall was frustrated that this guy backed out of the match. He was aggravated and it just seemed like he was ill in general. He went out there and wrestled my brother. To see my brother who was 16 years old, who had to lie about his age. He had to move his birthday back by about two years. He had to lie about his age to go out there and wrestle Scott Hall who was already aggravated and frustrated and literally Scott Hall beat the s**t out of him during the course of this whole match.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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