Jeff Hardy & Big Show Sad Rumors Revealed

Jeff Hardy and Big Show are two major names in the wrestling business. They have had their fair share of problems in the business with Hardy recently getting arrested, and the video released via dashcam. Big Show, on the other hand, has had hip surgery, and Jim Ross talked about it on his Grilling JR podcast.



Jeff Hardy is currently on suspension without pay, and we know that Big Show had hip surgery. It has changed the trajectory of how he views life, and Jim Ross talked about how people love to be around Big Show. Big Show is called Paul Wight (his real name) in All Elite Wrestling.

Guys like to be around [Wight], you know, he’s had surgery, hip surgery, I saw him just the other day at one of our shows. I think he was on walker or a cane or something like that, but he’s kind of beat up. He says he’s coming back and he’s going to be in great shape and he’s going to have more matches. I hope that he’s all right. I would love to see it. It would help AEW no doubt if he gets over. But he’s got to get healthy.

After a long run with WWE, Paul Wight shocked the world when he showed up on AEW in 2021. He wrestled his first match for the promotion at All Out 2021 against QT Marshall. His last match for AEW was on the April 4, 2022 edition of AEW Dark: Elevation when he defeated Austin Green.

AEW knows how to use talent, but the company has been in hot water after how things have played out backstage for the company. The results can’t be called as enthusiastic as they are all not up to the mark. One would have to see if the business would run or will it fall down to the wrestling juggernaut due to these problems that have been occurring in the company.

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