Jeff Hardy “Laying Low”, Lillian Garcia’s Replacement and Al Sharpton-RAW

– Jim Ross has updated his blog at Here are some highlights:



* Word has it that Jeff Hardy is “laying low” these days and diligently preparing to meet the challenges that await him. The more I hear of this legal matter the more I think that there is MUCH more to this story than meets the eye and that Jeff Hardy is far from being a drug trafficker. To even think the latter is ridiculous. I feel confident that in the coming weeks that Jeff will have his day to reconcile this matter and to better address it publically.

* I don’t know the details of what going to occur as it relates to replacing Lilian Garcia, whose last night on the job was this past Monday, but I suspect that Justin Roberts, the current SD ring announcer, might get that nod.

* What’s the over/under on the size of the entourage that travels with Reverend Al Sharpton as he prepares to host Raw next Monday night in Albany, New York? I am anxious to see how the good Reverend interfaces with the many, unique back stage entities at Monday Night Raw as we all know that Rev Al can verbalize with the best of them if given the platform and opportunity to do so.

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