Jeff Hardy Reacts To CM Punk ‘Ruining’ WWE PPV

Will we ever see Jeff Hardy as WWE champion again? Hardy recently spoke to ESPN West Palm to discuss potential title aspirations saying that he would love to be champion again one day – even for a little while. Hardy would emphasize his point by discussing how CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to become champion by defeating Hardy at Extreme Rules 2009 and saying that he would love to win the WWE Championship in a similar fashion. Hardy made the following remarks. Jeff Hardy was in ‘denial’ before his surprise firing from the company.



“I said I’d like to win the Royal Rumble but most likely that’s never gonna happen, I think the one thing more than anything I would like to be the World Champion again or the Universal Champion again. Just for a little bit. Even if its for – flashback to CM Punk [cashed in at Extreme Rules], I was like champion for I don’t know, maybe a minute and then he cashed in his money in the bank so just one more time I would like to do that and it will make it all worthwile.”

Jeff Hardy was ‘caught’ hiding drugs before this big title match. In other news revolving Jeff Hardy ‘The Charismatic enigma discussed All Elite Wrestling and it’s many differences between their promotion and WWE. Here, the former WWE champion discussed how Tony Khan is more ‘open minded’ in comparison to WWE.

“It’s really cool. Matt is in AEW and before the pandemic hit, their crowds were incredible and on fire. It’s so exciting watching, they are very different than WWE. I don’t know how to explain it, but they are more open minded, WWE is kind of set in their ways. This has changed many times over the years, especially since the Attitude era.”

Hardy continued: “It’s way different. Thank God, we don’t hit each other in the head with chairs anymore, I worry about that, and try not to future trip too much. It’s a lot safer now but you can still get hurt at any point.”

Credit to RingsideNews and SportsKeeda for the quotes.

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