Jeff Hardy Reveals Drug He Used Before PPV Match

Jeff Hardy is still one of the most popular pro wrestlers to have graced the squared circle, having competed in promotions such as WWE, ROH and TNA Wrestling. Fans are certainly well aware of his history of substance abuse issues and the personal demons he had to face. Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut tease was also revealed. 



Jeff Hardy has a history of substance and alcohol abuse. This is the main focus for his rivalry with Sheamus on Smackdown. It is certain fans have not forgotten the infamous incident involving him on March 13th, 2011 at the TNA pay-per-view Victory Road.

Sting and Jeff Hardy were scheduled to compete, but Hardy was unfit for competition. He was visibly inebriated and Eric Bischoff changed plans on the spot. They simply had to get Hardy out of the ring, so he was pinned quickly by Sting.

Jeff Hardy recently spoke to Steve Austin on “Broken Skull Sessions, where he talked about that infamous incident.

“[Soma] hadn’t become a controlled substance yet. So I was still taking the Somas. But I do remember talking to Sting before I got too altered to even…walk out there, hardly. We were gonna do this spot with his finish – the [Scorpion Death Drop] – but my head was gonna be in a chair. And I remember being scared of that. Oh, I might really hurt my neck doing that but it’s gonna be awesome if I don’t. So yeah, I just took too much.

By the time it was time for me to go out there, they [had to find me]. [Former TNA Executive Producer] Eric Bischoff came out there. They had to shut it down. He had to take it home real quick and that was the right thing. They had to do it.

To screw up like I did that night, it was just insane. But one positive asset that I have by looking back at that footage is just – so embarrassing. So – oh my God – just shameful, you know? Out there with my hero in the main event. All these people are watching. But then to do that?”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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