Jeff Hardy reveals reaction to WWE using his real-life issues in storylines

Jeff Hardy recently returned to WWE after a long time away from the company. During his time away, police arrested Jeff Hardy with a DUI, indicating his problems with addiction were not behind him. When Jeff returned to television, WWE introduced a storyline that brought up Hardy’s issues with addiction.



Hardy battled Sheamus in a storyline where Sheamus regularly brought up his addiction issues. In one infamous segment, The Celtic Warrior had a doctor test Hardy’s urine, where Jeff threw the urine into Sheamus’ face.

Jeff Hardy on WWE’s controversial storyline

Now, talking about WWE’s storyline, Jeff revealed his thoughts in an interview with The Sun. The Charismatic Enigma revealed that he knew the beginning of the storyline could be heavy.

“There was some heavy stuff there in the beginning, especially with the wreck scenario. It was just very heavy stuff. I’m always interested as everybody is different in so far as how the viewer feels watching at home, especially hardcore fans of mine.”

Hardy went on to say that he felt if his storyline was inspiring anyone and it was positive, WWE was doing something good.

“Throughout all of that, so long as I can continue to do good, especially with this, my last chance to get it right, it is going to inspire people around the world that I’ll never meet, that need to stay sober to survive. Hopefully I’m doing that through the television screen and helping people I’ll never know.”

While Jeff Hardy’s struggle with addiction is very real, and he has spoken about it in the past. Now, he recently won the WWE Intercontinental Championship after defeating AJ Styles. It appears Hardy’s feud with Styles is not yet over, and there may be developments on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

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