Jeff Hardy reveals which WWE superstar he wants to face

It’s been more than a year since Jeff Hardy returned to WWE but there are still a lot current WWE Stars he hasn’t faced yet, which fans want him to go against.



During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, Hardy was asked about the current WWE Stars he would like to get into the ring with, and he named Roman Reigns and AJ Styles as his priority:

“There’s a few, Probably right now more than any is, I would say, Roman Reigns. I wrestled AJ [Styles] a lot in the other company and it would be cool to wrestle him now in the WWE. But probably Roman Reigns is number one.”

Apart from this Jeff Hardy also talked about the upcoming SmackDown 1000 episode and how crazy it is that he was there for the first episode of the show as well.

Jeff Hardy is currently scheduled to face Randy Orton at the upcoming Hell In a Cell PPV.

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