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Jeff Hardy Talks About TNA Future, Learning from Sting & Hogan, and More

Jeff Hardy was interviewed by DC101’s Mike Jones, here are some of the highlights.

On how he feels Austin Aries has done as world Heavyweight champion: “I’ve really been impressed with Austin Aries, he’s been tearing it up every night. He’s really making this company look great. It’s new, fresh and alternative and it’s never been seen before. He’s carrying himself very well.”

On the in-ring direction of TNA and his ability to be himself in TNA: “Yeah, if you watch our product, the ring product is awesome. Sting being here and still seeing Hogan out here doing his thing, I mean, it’s just really cool to be a part of this organization. To pretty much be free and to be the enigma I am, tops it off for me. I’m able to go out there and just really be myself.”

On learning from guys like Sting and Hulk Hogan: “It’s real easy to learn from [guys like Sting and Hogan] when you watch them perform, especially on the mic. There so natural and they both have their own identities. I think that’s probably the area I learn from, just seeing how comfortable they are in their own character.

“As far as other things, I’m pretty comfortable in where I am now. I really do believe that I’m the best I’ve ever been as far as being in good shape, taking care of myself and working smart. But, yeah, anytime you watch those guys — especially Sting. His fire and charisma is just like no other.”

On whether or not he is helped with his face paint: “It’s entirely on my own, man. You can tell I’ve evolved and gotten better during the period of time I’ve been doing it because some of the first times, you could see a lot of cross-eyed action going on. [Laughs.] But, yeah, it’s like a little mini-spectacle every night.

“I feel like when I close my eyes, I become my canvas. It’s like the paintings I do, my face is my canvas each and every night we do these live events and these shows. It’s something different every time. I close them eyes and people are getting to see the true enigma.”

On his favorite wrestlers to work with in the ring: “RVD, always. Kurt Angle, always. AJ Styles, he is phenomonal. I had the honor of wrestling Shawn Michaels, he’s like the ultimate influence in my career. Pound-for-pound, I think he’s the best wrestler ever to step foot in the ring. And Rey Mysterio, I always loved that guy. But here, I would say RVD and Kurt Angle are up there. Ken Anderson as well.”

On what advice he would give to someone looking to make it in the business: “I would just say that if you’re really commited to making that a reality, just stay true to yourself and believe in yourself. Never quit. If it takes a life time, you can look back and say you tried. But, if you love it that much, like we did back then and were basically obsessed with it, we weren’t going to take no for an answer.

“I’m kind of going through that with my music right now. I’m so excited about it, but I’m still not confident but I’m kind of learning where I can and can’t go with it. But, I believe in it so much, I’m no going to say, ‘No, I can’t do this.’ I believe in myself and I believe in the future that it will be heard and achieved.”

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Exactly Devil rising, I’m saying in theory. Nobody can emulate Hogan. Andre and that moment.

  • JohnCena33

    Your a know nothing dweeb as well.

  • TomC

    It’s absolutely HILARIOUS to see a know-nothing dweeb like JohnCena33 say that TNA storylines are bad … when you have WWE with JOKE “stroylines” such as “Hornswoggle,” “Santino Marella,” Ryback fighting weak jobbers, Health Ledger, “Little Jimmy,” and the BIGGEST/STUPIDEST JOKE OF ALL – AJ Lee as General Manager of RAW.

    JohnCena33 … obviously your [lacking] knowledge of what makes for a good storyline is about as valid as Hornswoggle being World Heavyweight Champion.

  • barry horowitz

    and johncena33 you have got to be the biggest most abysmally retarded person on here,TNA is a small fed go watch wwf in like 92 or 93 and the crowds werent NEARLY as big as they are now it took time to draw and TNA really has started to turn things around as far as pushing their own talent give ’em a fuckin break. oh and to the jeff hardy marks…he sucks okay? he always has falling off a ladder does not a good wrestler make.

  • barry horowitz

    hahaha ryan I was about to say the same

  • Payaso

    “There so natural and they….” It should say “They’re”

  • Ryan


    Andre the Giant was body slammed before by Hogan BEFORE Wrestlemania 3. Also, Andre the Giant was body slammed by a different wrestler BEFORE Hulk Hogan 😉 (Stan Hansen)

  • scooter

    Exactly people forget that Hogan for all he may not have been the best worker had the abillity to make everything seem important and NO ONE has ever been able to capture an audience the way he did. Also Andre was always an above average worker for a guy of his size in the sense everything he did looked legit. Where as even a non wrestling fan could tell you Khali can’t wrestle!

  • Devil_Rising

    @Eve’s left nipple

    There is no way, in any sense of reality, that Batista/Khali is even remotely comparable to Hogan vs. Andre. Not even remotely. Hogan, for the douchebag that he can apparently be, was and IS, regardless of what WWE tries to say, THE single biggest, most popular star in wrestling history. Yes, Austin and Rock happened to be “THE GUYS” during the highest ratings period in pro wrestling history. But Hogan (as well as Macho Man, Roddy Piper, and Andre), was fucking huge on a worldwide level, even to people who didn’t know a thing about wretling, they knew who Hogan was. He was a media icon during his prime, in a way that even Rock, for all his massive popularity, still isn’t. Yes, Rock has had a MUCH more successful movie career. But Hogan’s sheer name value was still higher in the 80s.

    And him slamming Andre, something that had never been done before. It didn’t matter that Andre was nearing the end of his career and physically, because of his back, couldn’t wrestle very well anymore (though he was amazing when he was younger). It was still “The slam heard round the world”, because again, even in non-wrestling circles, Andre the Giant was known worldwide, and it was a known fact that nobody beats Andre, let alone slams him. So that moment in wrestling history was huge for a good reason.

    Batista vs. Khali? Even if Hogan/Andre had NEVER happened, Batista is nothing compared to Hogan in his prime, and Khali is one of the single worst “wrestlers” ever to step inside a ring. He literally makes Giant Gonzales look like Rey Mysterio Jr. So no…sorry to go on about this at length. But Hogan/Andre is untouchable for a reason. Not just because they were “the first”.

  • vitaniemi

    I think Jeff Hardy should go back to the WWE he had more fans there and he also had more oppertunities and he should be the one to beat CM punk and become the new WWE champion

  • jim


  • jim

    Guaran Damn T,taw are full of it!!!!!!!

  • JohnCena33

    BTW, I don’t hate TNA, I give them credit for giving an effort, but they need to change, and quick.

  • JohnCena33

    ^^^ Guaran Damn T, my bad.

  • JohnCena33

    Maybe if they spent there money on ads and not the Hogans and Hardys they would be better.
    2. Horrible storylines. I mean was there ever a real end to the Rhoodes Strom storyline??? I mean that “they” turned into fortune was dumb. NO BUILDUPS.
    3. Horrible draws. Checked the live event of TNA and they got 507 and 408 people per show, those “live gates numbers sure are up,” NOT
    4. They buy and return talent so fast. What happened to Morgan, MCMG, Flair, Jey Uso, Petey Williams, JUST TO NAME A FEW.
    5. They impersonate WWE so much, it is really sad. WWE says there going to 3 hours, TNA announces a new live version of there show. WWE had nexus, TNA had fortune, WWE has Ryder, TNA has Robbie E.

    Guarantee Damn T that TNA won’t last for the next three years past WCW.

    Because when WM30 hits, and Angle, Hardy, Hogan, RVD want to leave to be part of “the shows of shows” TNA is done.

  • ant

    i can honestly say im proud of jeff for turning it around like the guys actually doing good and i wish him and his career the best hopefully he gets a few more world titles before he decides to hang it up cuz the guys still good in that ring and hes still got alot to give

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    @rabid, I agree. To an extent. If TNA Produced their show differently I might get into it. It looks so cheaply made. As far as crowd base and ratings, they give out tickets to people to come watch, and it’s on spike people will turn there and turn away.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Very true rabid, WWE gained their fan base when wrestling was still kind of a mystique. Andre vs Hogan was huge and really changed the industry. Its just not the same anymore, In theory when it was Batista vs Khali it should have been huge but its been seen countless times. Wrestling is evolving if people like it or not, Its much more competitive with open ranges of talent. People moan and complain but in this day and age we need something different, I give WWE props for what they are doing currently, Obviously it needs a little tweaking and TNA is slowly getting there.

  • rabid

    @johncena33 based on what, look at the facts in ring product (with the exception of a handfull of guys) is better in tna granted the storyline depth could be greater but hell ratings are improving live gates are better and most importantly the business model they are built on is working. Staying live and getting out of the impactzone is the next step.. they have already surpassed the original ecw (9 years) in longevity bc they arnt stepping head to head with the beast and in 3 years they will pass wcw (13 years). Now not to knock anybody i love all wresting doesnt matter japan wwe wcw nwa awa tna ecw roh. Tna is doing what they need to do and they are being successful wwe didnt get 4 watching over night

  • JohnCena33

    TNA’s Future is one of two things
    1. In the toliet
    2. In Vince’s Wallet.

  • xXx

    jeff you forgot not to take drugs..