Jeff Hardy teases debut of Brother Nero

When the Hardy Brothers returned to WWE, one of the biggest reasons for fans to get excited was finally seeing their characters of the broken universe on WWE TV.



While the Broken Matt Hardy debuted in the company a few months later, so far fans have been left disappointed when it comes to the debut of Brother Nero though things may change soon.

During a recent media conference call, Jeff Hardy was asked about the debut of Brother Nero in WWE and answering the question he teased the possibility for the upcoming Hell In A Cell PPV:

“Yeah, I think so. I mean, I kind of feel like me wearing the face paint now, and breaking out the white contacts – it’s like a modified version of Brother Nero. And that might take a completely drastic turn this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. I might really go all out as Brother Nero. And who knows? You might even see Willow. He may pop up here. From the Broken Universe, anything is possible!”

Do you think it will make sense for Jeff Hardy to introduce the Brother Nero character during Hell In A Cell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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