Jeff Hardy-WWE Update, WWE Creative News on Being PG and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– The daughter of the late WWE Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah is selling the famous Moolah home on Moolah Drive in Columbia, South Carolina. The house is on the market for $249,000.

– Unless plans change, Jeff Hardy will be done with WWE full time in three weeks as his contract will be up then. It’s still possible he will stay for SummerSlam but John Laurinaitis has booked WWE events in August without him.

– WWE’s creative team is trying to slowly sneak things back into programming and make it, in TV terms, more PG-13 than PG even though the company’s official position is that they are PG and staying that way. The word lesbian has been spoken twice before 10PM in recent weeks and they did the Divas Bikini match on RAW this past week as well as the spot with Santino Marella and the Trish Stratus action figure. Those on the creative team say they want to push it more but don’t have a green light from higher-ups yet. There is an idea that if the guest host gimmick for RAW is still going on in late August, to use The Godfather in his old gimmick as the special host for the August 24th RAW in Las Vegas.

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