Jeff Jarrett Comments on Goals for 2011, TNA Competing with WWE and More

– TNA’s Jeff Jarrett spoke with The Baltimore Sun this week. Here are a few highlights:



Without getting into specifics, is TNA profitable at this point?

Absolutely. We turned that corner four or five years ago. Like WWE or any other business, would we like to be making more money? Sure, but the reality is that the U.S. economy is still in a recession, and internationally we have different economies to deal with, but all in all, we’re pleased.

Do you have any specific goals for TNA in 2011?

We want to grow the brand globally. We’ve got a tour of Europe coming next week. We’re looking at taking it potentially to a couple other sites overseas. We want to see the live events continue to grow, [merchandise] to grow. We just want to continue to grow on everything, and that’s sort of a broad answer, but it’s the truth.

It’s been a little over a year since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came on board with TNA. Are you happy with where the company is at this point?

We have people in positions now more than ever to succeed. And I’m talking about behind the scenes and as far as our roster goes from top to bottom – Kurt Angle, X Division, the Hardys, RVD, Mr. Anderson. We’ve got an incredible roster. Short answer: Yes, I’m very pleased with where we’re headed.

I know that pretty much since the beginning of TNA that you wanted to one day see the company go head-to-head on Monday nights against Raw. That happened in 2010, but, obviously, it didn’t turn out well for TNA. Is that something that you would look to do again at some point in the future, or is it kind of “been there, done that, it didn’t really work so we’re going to stay where we are?”

We learned, just like the wrestling fans learned, that the world has changed. Back in the “Monday Night Wars,” that was before our good little friend called the DVR was around, and you had to flip back and forth. Nowadays, the viewing habits are just entirely different and we found that out. The landscape has changed, so we’ve planted our feet in our ground and we’re making it grow, and that’s our strategy right now. Had we not tried it, though, we would have never found out.

What’s it like working in a story line with your wife and her ex-husband, Kurt Angle?

Well, story line is a word that doesn’t quite actually apply if you know what I mean. Me and Kurt – on a personal note, we’re good; on a professional note, I don’t think we’ll ever be on the same page. But it’s very unique, real, raw emotions. He’ll say his piece, and I’ll say my piece, and probably more importantly, Karen’s going to say her piece. It’s going to be very, very interesting.

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