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Jeff Jarrett Comments On Sting Debuting In WWE and CM Punk Signing With UFC

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Global Force Wrestling promoter Jeff Jarrett was asked about Sting debuting in WWE and CM Punk signing a deal with UFC, here were his reactions:

On Sting: “Finally! Very happy for him. Couldn’t be a better guy. He’s a good friend and I couldn’t be happier for him.”

On CM Punk: “Win, Win, Win! Win for Dana White at UFC, a win for CM Punk fans and whether CM Punk wins or loses in that octagon it’s a win for him because I’ve got a lot of respect for a guy that follows his heart and follows his passion.”

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  • D2K

    Sting “sold out?” How? He’s earned a WWE run. He’s an icon in the industry. He had done everything he could possibly do in TNA 10-times over and had gotten stale. It was time for a change. Sting DESERVES to stand on the grandest stage of them all (Wrestlemania) and stamp his legacy there even if for just one match. He DESERVES to have fans screaming his name at a future WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony. He DESERVES to at least have a shot at holding a WWE title. Not saying it will happen, but who knows? Why not?

    However I agree CM Punk has come across as a cry baby. I was one of his biggest defenders but now that everything has come out in the wash it seems to me that he really left because he wasn’t getting his own way and used problems that existed even while he was top guy in the company and holding the WWE title for over a year as an excuse. He clearly thinks more highly of himself that he probably should. However I wish him all the best and hope he doesn’t get his face kicked-in at UFC.

  • Johhny

    cm punk is a crybaby…meanwhile sting sold out tell the truth jeff