Jeff Jarrett Talks About the Rollout of His Global Force Wrestling Promotion

– Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with Brian Fritz of and said despite competition, he believes there’s room for his Global Force Wrestling on North American TV in 2015. Jarrett talked about the GFW rollout:



“It’s live event programming or it can be live event programming and in today’s world that’s very important. Global Force is doing the rollout and we’re strategically looking at the distribution models because brand awareness is everything and the wrestling business is very healthy and Global Force is ready to do the rollout in 2015.”

“Timing is everything but brand awareness is at the very top. You have to very strategically roll out. In business, the bottom line is all that really matters. So when you put the pieces together of talent, of live event shows, of sponsorships, of distribution, legal and finance go with all of that but brand awareness sits on top of all of that. First impression is a last impression, so I think to roll it out strategically, you got to do it the right way. Patience is not in my DNA but thus far I’ve had some good patience and I’m taking it step by step.”

The full interview is at this link.

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