Jenna Morasca Blasts TNA for Her Release

– According to an interview with The Sun in the UK, reality star and former TNA star Jenna Morasca has commented on her departure from the company and not being happy over the way it was handled.



“I went on TNA to prove myself, but I feel like I was used as a gimmick and then when that was over they discarded me. That was very hurtful, considering everything I’d given in working hard for them and really getting to know this sport.

And the truth is that I took two days off out of all the time of working with them to be with my boyfriend as he had surgery because of his cancer, and they fired me the night before his surgery. That’s honestly the truth and if they didn’t want that to be the truth then maybe they should have waited a couple of days.”

Jenna also mentioned that TNA told her they had interest in bringing in other Knockouts such as former WWE Diva Candice Michelle when they released her.

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