Jennifer Connelly Reveals Truth About Tom Cruise

Legendary actor Tom Cruise was recently praised for his iconic reprisal as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick. Starring alongside the veteran actor, there were several other co-stars that admired Cruise’s working capabilities and his charisma and passion for each and every project.



Jennifer Connelly became joined the queue in a long line of admirers when she talked about Tom Cruise’s work ethic and why Top Gun: Maverick was such a high success. Although the duo that played on-screen romantic partners had never met before, Connelly revealed Cruise to be the “cool kid” that she wanted to impress.

Jennifer Connelly opens up on Tom Cruise

While portraying the character of Peggy in the sequel, Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise’s on-screen chemistry was praised worldwide. The actress revealed that the duo had never met prior to the shooting of the event and had nothing but high regard and praise for the Mission: Impossible actor.

In an interview, Connelly talked about Cruise’s impressive work ethic and how he entirely devoted himself to whatever project he was working with. The Blood Diamond actress felt “beholden” to Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer (the producer), and audiences around the world for keeping up with such a huge project.

“He’s so exceptional. Spending time with him, you understand how someone has been such a movie star for so many years. It was clear to me what the franchise means to him, so I felt beholden to him, [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer, and the audiences who love the film so much.”

Connelly further revealed that she was afraid of flying but didn’t want to admit it in front of Tom Cruise because he was so “darn cool” that she’d feel humiliated.

“‘Oh my god, the cool kid is talking to me. Don’t mention that you’re afraid of flying.’ So it was kind of like that. His example is quite inspiring.”

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