Jennifer Garner Finally Reveals Truth About Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez recently joined in for a conversation with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour as she was honored at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood celebration.



It has been noted that she opened up about her upcoming album “This is Me… Now” and the film it inspired, calling it the “most personal” and “scary” project she’s ever done. Plus, she gushed over her husband Ben Affleck, saying they are “real partners” in life, love, and work.

Talking about the album, J.Lo shared, “When I went into the studio, I was there every single day and I wrote on every single song. It was a very, very special project, and when it was done, I knew I wanted to do something different with it — and we did. We made a movie, and it is very different than anything I have ever done in my life, the most personal, scary project I have ever done.”

Terri asked why it took so long, and Lopez smiled, saying, “It’s a real film… it’s a real journey, it’s a real story. You’ll see… I have been calling it a ‘musical experience’ because there is so much to experience in different ways… It’s beautiful.”

Terri asked, “Would you say this is the most personal album you’ve ever done?”

Jennifer explained, “Most personal. Even more than that, it is the most revealing, in a way.”

Terri commented, “We always think of you as sharing everything and being so open.”

She replied, “No, I don’t think anybody knows anything about my true personal life.”

In her Elle article, Jen talks about not letting anyone put her in a box. What is her advice to others? “Don’t let them… I always follow my inner compass… At the end of the day… I always go, ‘What do I think? What do I really feel?’… I go with that.”

Sharing that she does look to Ben for his opinions, J.Lo went on, “We are real partners, not just in working together, but in life, as parents, as lovers, as a couple… We discuss everything with each other… I want his opinion, everything, because I trust him. I know he has the best intentions, he has no kind of agenda except to see me shine as bright as I can shine, and that’s what I have for him, too, so I definitely always want his opinion.”

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