Jennifer Lopez ‘Disturbing’ Messages Revealed After…

Actress Eiza González has spoken out against the “disturbing” bullying Jennifer Lopez has endured following the cancellation of her tour amid ongoing marital issues with Ben Affleck. In a statement posted to her Instagram Story on Friday, the “3 Body Problem” actress criticized internet trolls for their relentless mockery of the “Ain’t It Funny” singer.



“I have to say the level of bullying that this woman has received in the last few months is so disturbing and heartbreaking. How can you complain about someone being mean while enjoying being mean about them,” González wrote.

Eiza González defended Jennifer Lopez after the performer canceled her tour. The “Ambulance” star shared her support for Lopez, highlighting the pressures celebrities face. “People are humans, make mistakes and some have personal things happening while also having to be constantly perfect in the public eye,” she added. González, 34, re-shared Lopez’s cancellation announcement, emphasizing the complexities of life and the unseen struggles individuals face. “The best thing we could be doing now is to be kind,” she concluded.

Lopez, 54, recently informed her fans that she was cutting her tour short to “be with her children, family, and close friends.” Despite rumors of low ticket sales influencing the decision, a source denied that ticket sales played a role. The cancellation has been linked to ongoing rumors about a potential divorce from Affleck, 51.

The couple, who have faced intense speculation about their relationship, have reportedly been living separately for the past few weeks. Despite the separation, they have made efforts to reunite for their children’s sake. Lopez was seen blowing air kisses at Affleck during his son Samuel’s basketball game, and she attended Affleck’s daughter Violet’s graduation party.

Their public appearances together, such as attending a movie event with their blended family, have not quelled the rumors. Notably, Affleck has not attended any of Lopez’s promotional events for her latest Netflix film, “Atlas,” further fueling speculation about the state of their marriage.

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