Jennifer Lopez Looks Stressed In Photo After…

Jennifer Lopez’s recent appearance has sparked speculation about her emotional state amid rumors of her potential divorce from Ben Affleck. Photographed in the passenger seat of a car engaged in what appears to be a serious conversation with her manager, Benny Medina, the singer seemed tense according to body language expert Judi James.



James noted that Lopez appeared stern and reflective, with facial expressions suggesting high levels of stress or pressure. Her lips were tightly sealed, and her chin was puckered, indicating potential regret or displeasure. This observation coincides with recent events, including Lopez’s cancellation of her This Is Me… Now tour, scheduled to begin in June.

Lopez expressed her devastation over letting fans down due to the cancellation, citing personal reasons and a need to spend time with family and friends. Despite denials that ticket sales influenced the decision, rumors persist about troubles in her relationship with Affleck, including reports of him moving out of their shared home.

Allegations surfaced that their marriage reached a “deal breaker” when Affleck skipped a film premiere with Lopez and opted for dinner with friends instead. Lopez reportedly felt lonely and upset upon seeing photos of Affleck out while she attended the premiere alone. These events have fueled ongoing speculation about the state of their relationship.

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