Jericho Comments on Rock vs. Cena, Curt Hawkins Knocks Superstars, More

– Chris Jericho commented on The Rock vs. John Cena and more in this interview below with Robert Pasbani of



– As noted before, WWE’s That’s What I Am with Randy Orton will be released on DVD May 17th. The movie will also come out on Blu-ray and be available on Netflix that day.

– Stan sent word that this past Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars online had 26 minutes and 3 seconds of in-ring action, up from last week’s 21 minutes and 36 seconds.

– Curt Hawkins took a shot at WWE Superstars with the following message on his Twitter: “Does it bother anyone else that the WWE Superstars intro includes NONE of the actual talent that perform on the show? Bush league.”

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