Jericho Interview: Triple H Running WWE, WWE PG vs. PG-13, More

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with Slam Wrestling and here are some of the highlights:



Triple H taking over WWE:
“He’s going to take over the company. This isn’t the year 2000 anymore where he was trying to bury me. Nobody wants to be Bruce Hart, where he takes over Stampede Wrestling and goes out of business two years later after his father had it for 40 years.”

Returning to WWE:
“It could be two days down the road. I’m still a huge fan of the business. When it’s time to go back, I’ll go back.”

Favoring a PG-13 product:
“I think I did better in the PG-13 environment. It’s easier to get pops when you say, ‘ass.’ they’re going ‘tee-hee-hee, he said a swear word.’ I wasn’t really doing any swearing. I just go with the flow. If I have to do an X-rated environment, I’ll do that. And if it’s PG, I’ll do that.”

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