Jericho on TV & Radio Monday, Saturn Back in the Wrestling World?

– Chris Jericho’s new book is already out in some stores and is receiving rave reviews, called by some as the best book ever written by a pro wrestler. Jericho will be making many media appearances on Monday to promote the book as well as kicking off a signing tour on Tuesday. All times are eastern, even local radio stations:



* FOX and Friends on Monday morning between 7am and 9:15am

* KQRC in Kansas City at 9:40am, WTDR in Birmingham, Alabama at 9:50am, WXKR in Toledo, Ohio at 10am, WEBN in Cincinnati, Ohio at 10:10am, WBAL in Baltimore, Maryland at 10:20am, WQXA in Harrisburg, VA at 10:30am, WNKS in Charlotte, NC at 10:40am and CKYX in Edmonton at 10:50am, all on Monday morning.

* The Eddie Trunk Show on Sirius XM at 6:30pm

* FOX News Channels’ Rey Eye at 8:20pm

* CNN Headline News’ Joy Behar Show on Monday night at 10pm

– Raven cut a promo after the main event of an AAW independent show this weekend in Illinois and said that he would be returning soon and bringing Perry Saturn with him. This would be the first time Saturn appeared as part of a wrestling show since some time around 2002. The mysterious Saturn turned up for the first time in years at a recent convention and was backstage at WWE tapings.

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