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Jericho reveals AEW has several TV offers; hints at the signing of Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho AEW

Chris Jericho was a guest on today’s edition of Busted Open Radio. While speaking to Dave Lagreca and Bully Ray, All Elite Wrestling’s latest signing opened up about possible TV deals that the company is considering.

When asked about what’s next or what to expect from AEW, Jericho said that they’re focusing on the backstage aspect of the show now, working on talent relations, bookers, cameramen and more. However, when it came to mentioning a TV deal, Jericho said:

I wouldn’t have gone to All Elite if there wasn’t a strong TV deal on the table being worked on, and there’s a couple that I know of that are on the table and the three of them are like ‘Wow.’ When it’s announced, if it’s one of those two, you’ll go ‘Wow, that’s what they need.’

Jericho also mentioned Kenny Omega by name during the show. When discussing with Bully Ray how important it was for him to sign for fans and wrestlers to take the promotion seriously, he said:

By me joining the company, fans and wrestlers will go ‘Holy shit this is the real deal.’ A lot of people don’t know Kenny or Cody or The Bucks.

At this moment, though reports have spread claiming Omega was heading to AEW, nothing has been confirmed. Jericho’s comment could have just been him naming big stars that might not be well known to the casual audience, but it’s interesting that he mentioned Kenny specifically.

  • Wait, Omega is gonna be a part of the promotion his friends have started? OMG!

  • CC

    I saw pictures of him holding up the shirt at the contract signing, so this is no surprise.

  • Soulshroude

    He already stated that he signed the contract. His shirts would be hitting the market by now, so the “are you ready for this” comment is moot.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Are u ready for this? I just found a “AEW is Jericho” shirt already lol the promotion hasn’t even started yet!