Jerry Jarrett On Working With Vince McMahon, His Time With Randy Savage, And Jerry Lawler

Jerry Jarrett recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to discuss various topics. Here are the highlights.



Working for Vince McMahon in the mid-90s while Vince was on trial:

Vince became my Sunday telephone buddy. He would call me every Sunday, and we would talk literally for two hours and he knew that I was really close to his father. It was a bad time, bad publicity with Pat Patterson was out and on the heels of that, the government was charging him with steroid distribution. Vince does nothing by accident, he is a brilliant man but because I was so close to his Dad he finally told me one day that he was really worried that if “I had to go to jail, I have great people but nobody knows how to find all the pieces of the wrestling business and is there any way I can talk you into coming up here”. Of course at first I said no, but four or five Sundays later I said Yes.

Jerry Lawler becoming “The King”:

Lawyer named himself the King. One day he and I were in a conversation and on the news they were talking about Elvis saying he was the King and Jerry said “hell why do they call him the king, I’ve sold out the Coliseum a hundred times more then he has. So I said that was a great idea and that he ought to tell Lance on Saturday that “I am the real King of Memphis” and he did.

Working with Randy Savage secretly to “invade” Memphis:

They (ICW) thought that was just a part of the act. So finally after everyone had lost all their money, Randy called me and said “you’ve been a real gentleman in this wrestling war, and it was not personal it was just business and we are closing up the tents”. I said, “Randy why don’t we make some money out of it.” Why don’t we not tell anybody except you and I knowing? You don’t tell the rest of your company, and I don’t tell any of my men. Show up at Memphis TV and say our whole promotion is cowards, and so they did and after they were there I told Lawler and whispered in his ear and said it’s all a big work go out and challenge him. So Jerry went out and then we booked it and they were sellouts for several months.

Jerry Jarrett talks all about his journey into the wrestling industry, having more of a passion for booking over in ring competition, receiving paychecks from WWF and WCW at the same time, his heat with his son Jeff, founding TNA and so many more stories from the career of a lifetime.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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