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Jerry Lawler almost kicked Jim Carrey’s butt twenty years ago

Sometimes you can take a gimmick too far and some people who worked on the 1999 film Man On The Moon about the legendary life of comedian Andy Kaufman (even though he’d never considered himself a comedian) was outstanding. Jim Carrey embodied the role of Kaufman both on and off the screen and some might view it as taking things over the line, especially where Jerry Lawler was concerned.

Lawler and Kaufman had a legendary feud in Memphis wrestling back in the day that drew big numbers. But when they filmed the movie about Kaufman’s life, Carrey stayed in character to poke and prod Jerry Lawler every chance he could get.

In the new Netflix documentary: “Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond Featuring A Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention Of Tony Clifton” the public is treated to a rare glimpse of Jim Carrey’s creative process during the filming of this Golden Globe-winning film.

In one scene, Carrey takes it a bit too far and Lawler just had to show him who’s boss. In the blink of an eye, The King had Kaufman/Carrey hooked and people had to pry him off the Dumb and Dumber star. It was a pretty shocking moment but showed how real things got while filming that incredible movie.