WWE Star Posts Photo Of Heart Attack At Raw

Jerry Lawler is one of the most influential names in the wrestling business. ‘The King,’ as he gets referred to, used to wrestle for the WWE (then WWF) and then moved to a commentary desk role. He, alongside his commentary desk partner Jim Ross, created some extraordinary moments behind the desk.



However, not everything that shines will continue to shine every day. There came a day on Raw when Jerry Lawler was snoring next to the voice of Raw Michael Cole. Cole thought that The King had taken a nap, but things were different from what they looked on the surface.

Jerry had suffered a heart attack mid-show, and he couldn’t understand what was happening around him. He got rushed to a nearby medical facility, where Lawler found his consciousness back. Thankfully, the day is behind us, and the legendary WWE Hall of Famer continues to enjoy wrestling in the indie scene.

Jerry Lawler remembered the moment with a photograph and a match on his so-called death day. The legend knows how to make anything exciting and has played a role in being one of the finest commentators of the current or previous era. His voice was there when Stone Cold was in the wrestling business.

Stone Cold has moved on from wrestling, despite his match at WrestleMania 38 with Kevin Owens in Texas. ‘The King’ has worked well between the ropes during his time in the ring. He left a lasting impression on the fans with his choice of words to address people back in the day.

Do you have any memory of Jerry Lawler from that day that you wish to share with us? Chime in.

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