Jerry Lawler Drops Damar Hamlin Health Bombshell

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler has tweeted about NFL player Damar Hamlin collpasing after a tackle on the field during a Buffalo Bills game on Monday, appearing to compare it to Owen Hart’s death at WWF Over The Edge 1999.



Lawler said, “I would be willing to bet that Damar Hamlin has suffered a cardiac arrest from the blunt trauma of that blow to his chest… I know what this is like from experience…”

Hamlin is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

Wrestlers Viscera and Rene Dupree were part of the WWE family a couple of decades ago and both of them had an interesting incident in the past. Viscera, whose real name was Nelson Frazier Jr., became flat out drunk at a WWE event and began expressing an interest to “teabag” Dupree, a slang term referring to the act of placing one’s testicles on another person’s forehead.

Following his departure from WWE for the third time, Viscera wrestled in Japan. During an episode of his Café De René podcast, Rene Dupree recalled this story about Viscera.

“There’s a story on here when I’m in Tokyo. We got a little too drunk and he wanted to, anyway, teabag me [laughs],”

The incident, which took place in 2004, was apparently witnessed by several other wrestlers who later reported the incident to WWE management. Despite that, no strict action was taken by Viscera. Now it is simply an amusing story that Renee Dupree tells fans from time to time and perhaps, that is for the best.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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