Jerry Lawler Offers to Take a Drug Test, Interesting Story on Vince McMahon

– The current Mayoral race in the city of Memphis has gotten to the point where one candidate is suggesting that another take a drug test. Jerry Lawler, who is running for Mayor, said he is willing to take a test, adding: “I wrestle … and travel to a different city every Monday night with the World Wrestling Entertainment group. I go all over the United States and I can tell you our city government and the Memphis race is the laughingstock of the country.”



– Former WWE Tag Team Champion Carl Ouellet had a tryout before agents at a recent SmackDown taping. In an interview with James Guttman, he gave a weird story regarding the experience. Ouellet said: “After the show, I asked Mike Rotunda, I said, ‘Should I wait for their phone call or should I wait and thank Vince for the opportunity?’ Mike said, ‘No Carl. You should wait for Vince and thank him, so it’ll be fresh in his memory, you know.’ So I’m just waiting at the end of the Smackdown show. He’s coming out and it’s maybe 12:30 or 1 a.m. And I go, `Vince, I just want to…,’ and he shoved me into the wall like I was a piece of crap. I felt pretty bad. Right after that, I got to my hotel room and called John Laurinaitis.”

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