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Jerry Lawler on Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE

Jerry Lawler

While Extreme Rules PPV featured a number of surprises and there were several noteworthy events on the show, the biggest WWE news story wasn’t about it.

The most notable WWE news of the day was Hulk Hogan’s return to the company and during a recent interview with The Roman Show Jerry Lawler commented on his return.

Lawler said that he is not shocked with the news at all and claimed that he was more shocked when Hogan was taken out of the WWE Hall Of Fame:

I am not shocked at all. I was shocked while he wasn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame. I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion. I’ve known Hogan his entire career and for the claims of him being a racist, there was never not one ounce truth to that at all. Like I said, I’ve known the guy my whole life and he is a really good guy and I felt it was an overreaction. I think we go overboard being politically correct.

Apart from this Lawler also talked about Memphis Wrestling possibly going to WWE Network, Jim Ross suffering an injury at recent NJPW show and more.

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    Still makes me laugh when people try to claim he is not racist. If you hear the whole conversation or read the transcript, it does not sound like a guy who has no racism in him.
    Whether it was handled correctly will depend on who you speak to, but instead of saying “He isn’t racist”, admit what he said was wrong.

    I think it shows a lot about Lawler that he thinks taking a stance against racist comments is being “politically correct”.

    Maybe we should all claim Mel Gibson is not racist while we are at it.

    People knew Benoit all his career, and not once did he ever murder anyone, so he could not possibly have done what everyone said he did … same logic.

    Plenty of racists hide that stuff, and going on Lawlers “PC” comment, my guess is that they probably all throw stuff like that around when there is no black people around, and then just say “It’s only said in fun” if someone calls them on it.