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Jerry Lawler reveals when he found out about his Raw return

Jerry Lawler will be returning to Raw for commentary soon and WWE made this announcement just a couple of days ago alongside the announcement of the other changes to the commentary teams.

Lawler spoke to Memphis Commercial Appeal after the news became public and he talked about a number of things including his upcoming WWE return.

While talking about his new gig on Raw, the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed that he found out about it this past Tuesday morning and according to him, he has been told that he can do it for however long he wants to:

“I got a call about it Tuesday morning from Kevin Dunn, he said, ‘I’ve got a proposition for you. It may be good news, and it may be bad news.’ He knows I don’t like to travel a whole lot anymore, so that was the bad part. I said, ‘What’s the good part?’ He said, ‘We want you back on Raw. He told me it’s for however long I want to do it, so that sealed the deal.”

Apart from this Lawler also talked about how the team of 205 Live’s Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin and himself was chosen for the role.

According to him, Paul Heyman chose both Joseph and Maddin for the show and he was brought into the mix when Vince McMahon said that they can’t throw two new guys on the flagship show alone.

  • CC

    Reports say that he is only returning for a short while yet here he himself says that he can do it as long as he wants.

    If its true that Joseph and Maddin were chosen by Heyman and Vince said you cant throw two new guys onto the flagship show, then Vince is 100% correct on that front. They need at least one experienced person in the team. Where he is wrong though is bringing back Lawler. The man has been awful for years, hell decades even, and WWE would have been much better off putting someone else in that spot, and WWE has plenty of other guys they could call on, Someone like McGuiness would have been a much better choice.

  • Wicka Steve

    Can’t wait to have King referring to guys in their 40’s as “that young man” and having ZERO clue what has happened in WWE in the last 18 months. He’s a racist and it wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t bother him if his date couldn’t vote.