Jerry Lawler says Ric Flair had 20% chance of survival

Jerry “The King” Lawler is a very well connected man. He knows a lot of people and he recently opened up about what he knew concerning Ric Flair’s recent health crisis on an episode of his podcast Dinner With The King.



“Apparently it was really a touch and go situation, they explained to him [Ricky Steamboat], and when the Nature Boy had that first surgery, the doctors said that Ric had a 20% chance of survival of making it through that surgery. But we all know that he did pull through. And I heard yesterday, he’s already cutting promos on nurses.”

When Jerry Lawler popped up on Monday Night Raw to do the announcing it was a real treat. But it was only due to the fact that Booker T couldn’t make the show because of the devastating damage related to Hurricane Harvey.

It turns out Jerry thought he was doing something for the show but he didn’t realize how big of a role he would eventually play.

“Originally, they were going to do something with Pelvis Wesley and wanted me to be there to introduce him. So I knew I was going to be on the show. And it wasn’t basically until 3 p.m. in the afternoon, I got a text message from Michael Cole saying, ‘Get your ass down to the FedExForum; you’re going to be doing the commentary tonight.’

After everything was said and done fans all over the planet all joined in the same thought that Jerry Lawler is still incredible at commentating. It’s just unfortunate his return to Raw had to come due to a natural disaster. Vince McMahon apparently thought he did a great job too as he commented that The King hadn’t missed a beat.

“But it was great to be back. I wish I would have been able to do more with Corey Graves, as far as going back and forth with. Vince McMahon said, after the show, that I hadn’t missed a beat and gave me a hug.”

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