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Jerry Lawler sheds light on the Saudi Arabia flight debacle

The WWE talent were stranded on a whole another continent after finishing off with Crown Jewel. WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler proceeded to elaborate the issues on his podcast, The Jerry Lawler show. While not being one of the names to make the trip across the ocean, Lawler spoke with the people involved attended a talent meeting as well.

Lawler claimed that the talent had a really bad experience since according to them, “everything that could go wrong, did go wrong”. They also added that that were was a severe lack of communication as they remained clueless over the entire situation.

During the talent meeting, Vince McMahon took up the microphone and addressed the situation by stating,

“Guys, we’ve all been in this business for a while, we’ve all experienced some travel issues in the past, but I can honestly say that in all of the years that I’ve been in the business, I’ve never seen this many travel issues happen at one time with a plane’,”

McMahon proceeded to explain the technicalities behind the delay. Firstly it was the tug that is supposed to pull the plane from the gate that caused the problem after which came an issue with the overall weight that the plane carried.

To make matters worse, none of this was being relayed to the people on board. The issues increased as since it was a non-stop flight, additional fuel was required and during its filling, a problem was observed with the piece of equipment that will transfer duel during a case of emergency.

In order to replace the piece of equipment, Saudi Arabia had to get it flown from Germany. During that time, the passengers were requested to deplane and check into a hotel. Lawler added:

“Can you imagine, 175 people getting off this plane and being bused to hotels in the middle of the night? After they arrived [to the hotel], here’s 175 people showing up at a hotel that wasn’t expecting them,” Lawler said. “Everybody’s trying to get checked in, it was just a nightmare. None of the WWE travel people were there to help at that point.”

Lastly, Lawler claimed that only AJ Styles along with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were the only ones to speak up. Styles reportedly stated:

 ‘I’ll be honest with you man, we were just minutes away from somebody going off and something bad happening. All I’m thinking about is that I’m supposed to be at home playing ball with my son right now and instead I’m stuck here in Saudi Arabia and nobody can explain to me why’,”

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    styles…paid”millions of dollars” over his carreer, 1night/day inconvenience, Wahhhhhhhh!!….