Jerry Lawler signs a new three-year deal with the company

Jerry Lawler has signed a new three-year contract with the WWE. The Hall Of Famer revealed the news during the GalaxyCon event. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the deal was signed earlier this month.



Lawler added that he has no idea how long he will be a part of the RAW announcement team. Lawler, who shares the booth with Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin is not expected to be a long-term option. The Hall Of Famer is assigned to help the new faces as it is Joseph’s first time at a big stage and Maddin has never done this before. The WWE are reportedly pleased with how Lawler has helped the duo settle into the role.

Lawler had once mentioned that he has several contracts with the WWE which allow him to do events that are outside of the WWE. He said:

“So one more great thing about them: I’ve been there for so long, they still let me do independent shows because I don’t wrestle there since the cardiac arrest,” Lawler continued. “I haven’t wrestled for them anymore but I still do – especially with the FOX Sports thing coming up, SmackDown, I’m probably going to be doing some more stuff. The great thing is that I get to go out and do stuff like this and they never ask me [questions]. They know I’m not going to do anything to embarrass the company; I’m always going to be representing and it’s good.”

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