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Jerry Lawler signs new WWE deal, will commentate on Men’s Rumble match

On his latest Podcast, Jerry “The King” Lawler revealed he has signed a new two-year contract with WWE:

“Basically, it’s a personal service contract that everybody signs, same type thing, and it just says you belong to the WWE. … When it comes to services, it may be commentating, may be doing voice overs for the video games, maybe hosting, maybe personal appearances; all this sort of stuff is in the contract, personal services.”

Lawler elaborated that he called the company to inform them his contract was expiring within a number of days on January 8 and was told the holidays caused a delay before being sent a contract to sign with immediate effect.

For what it’s worth, Lawler also said that nobody from AEW contacted him about working there and whilst he’s happy with WWE, he would venture out to find work if need be. He is not in that position right now however.

Finally, Lawler announced that he, Michael Cole and a returning JBL will be on commentary for the Men’s Royal Rumble match on January 27 at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Sadly, it seems like at least some people involved in AEW want it to be little more than “attitude era mark” bait, so they want guys like Goldberg and J.R… it wouldn’t shock me if they wanted Jerry just because he was popular back then.

    I hope they stay away from going down that path any more than they have.

  • Whistling Joe

    Why? The man has ZERO value. He doesn’t watch the product, he didn’t even watch the product when he was still commentating. Time to take this old horse to the glue factory.

  • CC

    I would hope to god that AEW would not even consider signing him. He is a relic, and a shadow of the commentator he used to be (not that he was that great to begin with).
    I do not think a progressive promotion like AEW would need a guy who cracks jokes so bad that even tumbleweeds refuse to react, and will spend a whole match talking about pretty much anything other than what is actually going on in front of him.