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Jerry Lawler talks about Hulk Hogan’s return to the company; Crown Jewel backlash

  • Philip Bolin

    Yea cause that’s what he said, moron. Funny thing is, I’m sure you’re a leftist and your side is the one who defends militant Islam. So blame your side. Let’s see what your values are

  • CC

    Lawler is an ignorant fool, and this just proves it.
    Saying that a lot of things said about Hogan are not correct. So the whole recording of him saying a bunch of racist slurs was not true then Jerry? Nobody heard him say it did they?
    He then goes on to say that the whole thing around Crown Jewel is political correctness.
    The man probably thinks that people not liking the KKK is political correctness as well.

    He says we need to bring them some of our western values, but thinks we should make excuses for racist rants, so what does that say about his “western values”?