Jey Uso Bloodline Status Revealed In Photo?

Jey Uso took to social media to send a cryptic message as he posted a photo of himself alongside his brother and now-former Bloodline member, Jimmy Uso.



The same photo was captured moments after Jimmy was hit with a Samoan Spike from Solo Sikoa on this week’s SmackDown.

During the final segment of the show, Roman Reigns received the brand new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship after achieving 1,000 days as the Universal Champion. Shortly after, he was interrupted by The Usos, who were involved in a confrontation with Reigns and Sikoa.

Initially, it did seem that Sikoa was about to join forces with Jimmy and Jey Uso. However, The Tribal Chief was one step ahead as he led The Enforcer to betray his own brother.

Taking to his Instagram story, Jey posted the following photo without any context. This could potentially be an indication that this time around, Jey will choose his brother Jimmy over Reigns and not “fall in line.”

Jey is not the only one. Jimmy and Jey’s brother Solo Sikoa also took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet after he betrayed now-former Bloodline member Jimmy Uso on this week’s SmackDown.

Taking to Twitter, Sikoa posted a cryptic tweet without any context. He refused to clarify his message.

Speaking on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell stated that that he didn’t care much about the match quality at Night of Champions but was keen on the storyline progression within The Bloodline.

“The last one, the tag match with Roman Reigns and Solo vs. Sami and Kevin, the match wasn’t that great. I don’t give a cr*p about that match. I want to know the story that they’re telling and at the end, they advanced that story. As long as the story gets advanced, and this is probably one of the greatest long-term angles that I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

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