Jey Uso ‘Breaks Character’ On Smackdown?

On the most recent episode of WWE Smackdown, we were able to see Jimmy Uso for the first time after he was arrested. While many didn’t think they would be seeing Jimmy again, everyone was surprised to see that not only was he free, but Vince and company welcomed him back with open arms…Braun Strowman Calls Out Top AEW Star.



Of course, Jimmy Uso is not the first start to be brought back following an arrest. The list could really go on for days. If you’re liked by Vince McMahon, you will most likely have a lifetime spot available for you.

During Smackdown, we see Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns open the show. Reigns states: “I know a lot of you at home didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t here last week. There’s a lot I didn’t like about last week either, but if there’s one thing I won’t stand for is a liar like Edge coming out here saying that I fear him. That he’s in my head. I’m an honest man so I would tell the truth, in our main event WrestleMania match for maybe like one moment.”

Reigns continues: “What happened that night? I smashed him. I stacked him. And I pinned him and we printed a shirt because of this, so don’t ever come out here and say you’re in my head and I fear you because no. The only way you got to me was because I was not focused. Because I had so much going on with my family that I wasn’t even worried about you.”

Reigns then stated about The Usos: “But since we’re talking about family, this might be a good point to handle some business.”

Then the Usos music hit and Jimmy came out to the ring. Jimmy said he was missed last week, saying Reigns must have been on vacation. Reigns then said if he was on vacation he deserved it, but he wasn’t, and that he was doing Jimmy’s job too.

Then Jey came out to the ring, and looked pretty amped. He then said he was back but not for Reigns or Jimmy, but both for the family. Jey then talked to Jimmy about his current situation, slightly breaking character and alluding to Jimmy’s DUI arrest, saying “Keep your head up and let’s keep doing what we do, and that’s becoming 7 time Tag Team Champions.”

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