Jey Uso Sad WWE Bank Payment Leaks

Big E has built a solid reputation and a devoted fan base within the wrestling world. Unfortunately, he’s currently sidelined due to a serious neck injury. In the midst of discussing his journey, Big E revealed an insightful detail about his earlier days in WWE and his friendship with Jey Uso.



Both Big E and Jey Uso have transformed from their humble beginnings in the wrestling industry to become prominent figures in the WWE. Their journeys have been marked by dedication and hard work, ultimately leading them to the main event stage and cementing their status as potential future WWE Hall of Famers.

During a conversation with Steve Fall from Count Media, Big E shared a heartwarming anecdote from the early days of their careers. He recounted how he used to offer assistance to Jey Uso during their time in developmental wrestling. In those times, their dedication to their craft was undeniable.

“We’re talking Circa 2010, I was picking Jey up ’cause he didn’t have a car. I would pick him up on the way to practice. You know this is the time we were making 500$ a week.”

As Big E recounted their journey, he revealed a financial aspect of their early careers that shed light on the challenges they faced. According to him, they were earning a mere $500 per week during their initial days in WWE. This glimpse into their financial struggles underscores the commitment and determination they exhibited despite the less-than-lucrative compensation.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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