Jey Uso’s Son Brutally Goes After Roman Reigns

WWE recently posted a new behind-the-scenes video from SummerSlam. In the clip Jey Uso’s son said his father was going to take down the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, that was not the case. 



Fans were shocked on Saturday at SummerSlam when Jimmy Uso betrayed his brother Jey in the closing moments of Jey’s match with Roman Reigns.

At Money In The Bank, Jey Uso made history as the first person to pin Roman Reigns clean since 2019. Given the Bloodline’s implosion and the intensity everyone involved brought to the table, Reigns and Uso made this match a Tribal Combat/no holds barred match for both the championship belts and the title of “Tribal Chief”.

Jey Uso appeared to have the match won when a hooded figure broke up Jey’s cover. That figure revealed himself to be Jimmy Uso, who then superkicked his brother, which in turn allowed Reigns to secure the win.

Many fans are expecting a huge singles match between the two brothers, possibly at upcoming Payback next month. However, when exactly the two of them will fight remains unknown.

According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, one idea has been for the brothers to feud extensively but save their actual match until WrestleMania XL, which takes place in April 2024.

“Hearing that at least one creative force backstage wants WWE to wait for WrestleMania to do the first Uso ‘Brother v Brother’ match. However that’s unlikely at this point I’m told, with the feeling that 35 weeks is too long of a stretch.”

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