Jill Biden Begs Donors For Help After…

Jill Biden stood firmly by President Joe Biden’s side on Saturday as they disembarked Air Force One for campaign stops at luxurious vacation homes on Long Island. She used the opportunity to strongly endorse his candidacy, addressing donors with conviction. “Joe isn’t just the right person for the job. He’s the only person for the job,” she declared.



The first lady continued to highlight President Biden’s extensive experience and global relationships, contrasting his proven track record with the promises of his opponents. Her remarks came at a critical juncture following President Biden’s challenging debate performance, which had sparked renewed concerns about his age and ability to compete in the upcoming election and serve another term.

As a community college professor, Jill Biden has been an unwavering supporter of her husband’s political career, especially during what has become a pivotal challenge of his presidency. President Biden has framed his campaign as a defense of democracy itself against former President Donald Trump, despite criticism from some quarters questioning how promoting fair elections could pose a threat to democracy.

Less than 24 hours after the debate, Jill Biden addressed a crowd in Greenwich Village, passionately endorsing her husband without directly addressing the ongoing debate about his fitness for another term. Her speech, however, struck a tone that some found condescending, reminiscent of how one might speak to children or the elderly.

At a later LGBTQ fundraiser, she took a more candid approach to discussing Biden’s performance. “I know many of you are concerned,” she acknowledged. “As Joe said earlier today, he’s not a young man. After last night’s debate, he told me, ‘You know, Jill, I didn’t feel great.’ And I said, ‘Joe, we’re not going to let 90 minutes define the four years of your presidency.'”

She emphasized his resilience, stating, “What Joe does best is tell the truth.” Despite his history of misstatements and allegations of plagiarism, she focused on his ability to bounce back from setbacks, including his literal and metaphorical falls.

Jill Biden, 73, has long been a trusted confidant and public advocate for her husband. Her role has grown more prominent this year, attracting increased scrutiny from Trump supporters who question her influence over his decisions. When she held President Biden’s hand as they left the debate stage, Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy took to social media to ask, “Who is the Commander in Chief?”

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