Jill Biden Caught ‘Hiding’ President At…

Since the start of his presidency, Joe Biden’s close aides have tightly controlled access to him both inside and outside the White House. This limited access has recently sparked concerns among current and former White House staff, particularly after Biden’s perceived shortcomings during a recent debate.



The debate fallout prompted Chandler West, a former White House deputy director of photography, to publicly express doubts about Biden’s ability to continue in office, citing ongoing concerns shared privately among staff. Despite assertions from Biden’s team that his underwhelming performance was due to a cold, internal skepticism persists.

An atmosphere of protection around Biden, largely managed by Jill Biden’s aide Anthony Bernal and deputy chief of staff Annie Tomasini, has kept even the White House residence staff at a distance. This separation has raised eyebrows, with some staff feeling sidelined from their usual duties by Biden’s inner circle.

A former residence official noted instances where Biden’s aides restricted access to him, including during a July 4, 2021 event, when they prevented residence staff from assisting him after he returned indoors feeling overheated. Such incidents have fueled perceptions of a closed-off environment around the president.

While the White House maintains that precautions were initially necessary due to COVID-19, critics argue these practices may now be excessive and indicative of broader concerns about Biden’s leadership capabilities.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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