Jill Biden Desperately Tries To Save Joe After Debate

Jill Biden tried to save Joe Biden’s campaign by praising him as she introduced him to a crowd after the Presidential debate against Donald Trump.



Former WWE star Val Venis recently took to his Twitter account and posted a Tweet name-dropping Michelle Obama. He wrote:

“Barack Obama is gay & Michelle Obama is a man. Giselle Shaw is a man & Nyla Rose is a man. But neither Giselle Shaw or Nyla Rose stole any of my money. Barack Obama on the other hand “taxed” a shitload money away for 8 years & bought his bitch boy Michael Obama a mansion.”

Last year, Val Venis recalled an unusual offer made to him by Tammy Sytch, otherwise known as Sunny.

Sytch has gotten herself into legal trouble over the years with a number of DUI-related incidents. She was most recently apprehended for her involvement in an accident that ended up costing an elderly motorist his life.

Sunny has struggled to find legal representation for the case, with previous representatives allegedly dropping her case entirely.

The former Intercontinental Champion outlined a bizarre offer once made to him by Tammy Sytch. Speaking to WSI – Wrestling Shoot Interviews, he was asked about rumors regarding him, Sunny, and bondage. Big Valvowski explained that he and Mark Henry were messing around with commentary headsets when Sunny propositioned him:

“We’re just having a dialogue back-and-forth, Mark Henry and I are, and all of a sudden the ear-thing [headphone] comes off my ear, and it’s Sunny. She’s pulling the ear-thing off my ear and goes ‘I’m into bondage.’ And I jumped out out of the seat, threw the headset down and I went ‘woah, that’s way more than I needed to know,” Venis said.


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