Jill Biden Drops Trump Cheating On Wife Bombshell

During a campaign rally in favor of her husband, President Joe Biden, for reelection, First Lady Jill Biden kicked off Women’s History Month by criticizing the way former President Donald Trump treated women. According to The Hill, she spoke in the Atlanta area to launch Women for Biden, a campaign program aimed at energizing female voters.



Jill took aim at Trump, the presumed Republican nominee, whose spouse has been conspicuously absent from all campaign appearances in order to back her husband. Jill attempted to defend the rights of women to reproductive health care while discussing her husband’s successes.

“He spent a lifetime tearing us down and devaluing our existence. He mocks women’s bodies, disrespects our accomplishments, and brags about assaults,” Jill stated, alluding to Trump’s previous remarks found on the infamous Access Hollywood tapes about his affairs cheating on his wife Melania. “Now, he’s bragging about killing Roe v. Wade,” the First Lady said. “Just last night, he took credit again for enabling states like Georgia to pass cruel abortion bans that are taking away the right of women to make their own health care decisions.”

It has been noted that Jill was referring to Trump’s recent comments about destroying abortion rights, as well as future plans to limit abortions. In an interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on Thursday, the former President mentioned that he had been hearing more about a proposed ban on abortions after 15 weeks.

Trump stated he was still unsure about what to endorse, even though he did not rule out endorsing such a plan. The mother-of-three roared, “How far will he go? When will he stop? You know the answer. He won’t. Donald Trump is dangerous to women and to our families.”

It’s possible that the First Lady hinted at her potential usage as a surrogate for the campaign in the upcoming months based on her remarks. As part of the Women for Biden campaign, Jill appears to have women’s rights at the center of her strategy for influencing voters in crucial swing states including Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Melania Trump, the former first lady, has not been spotted endorsing Donald Trump’s presidential run, which puts her in stark contrast to this.

According to Newsweek, Melania has not attended any of Trump’s multiple court appearances or campaign stops. She has also missed out on their intimate family get-togethers. In October 2023, a critic stated that Melania “had disappeared for months.”

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