Jill Biden Getting Nuclear Bomb Phone Calls?

Joe Biden’s press secretary was asked if Jill Biden has the nuclear codes.



Democratic lawmakers reconvened on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, bracing for discussions about President Joe Biden’s political future. This follows a wave of criticism from left-wing media and key Democratic lawmakers over the past week and a half, urging Biden to exit the race after his poor debate performance.

Upon their return, Democrats held a meeting to deliberate Biden’s prospects. According to Punchbowl News, one House Democrat supportive of Biden described the atmosphere of the Caucus meeting as somber, saying it “felt like a funeral.”

The meeting underscored the disarray within the party. Some lawmakers argue that elevating Vice President Kamala Harris as the top candidate would set her up for failure.

Amid the chaos, some Democrats who previously called for Biden to step aside are now rallying behind him. Notably, Rep. Jerry Nadler, who last week urged Biden to drop out, has since changed his stance. On Tuesday, he returned to Capitol Hill and told reporters he no longer wants Biden to leave the presidential race.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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