Jill Biden Heckled In Video After Attacking Trump

It has been noted that President Joe Biden’s wife and First Lady Jill Biden was disrespectfully interrupted by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters on Saturday morning while giving a speech for her “Women for Biden-Harris” tour in Tucson, Arizona via Mediaite.



According to NBC News and videos taken during her speech, Biden’s remarks were interrupted on four separate occasions. “It’s a genocide, Jill!” yelled one activist before he was removed by the venue’s security.

In the video clip, the first lady centered her remarks around issues important to female voters, including abortion rights. She promoted the president’s advocacy for pro-choice policies while also attacking  former President Donald Trump’s opposition to IVF.

“Extremist Republicans led by Donald Trump are passing laws that prevent women from getting the health care they need, including IVF,” Biden said, according to NBC News.

However, seconds after she started reading her speech, the first protester shouted down the first lady by calling for a ceasefire in the war torn region. Minutes later a second protester began shouting just before Biden offered a brief explanation for her short appearance.

“I’m sorry to have to come and go so quickly,” said Biden as the second protester was hauled out of the theater. “Wind storms in Nevada are impacting my travel.”

Earlier this week, more than 100 people were killed and 760 were wounded after IDF troops reportedly opened fire on a group of civilians gathering for food aid trucks in western Gaza City.


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